(Little) j vs p Dichotomy

The j vs p dichotomy refers to whether the dominant process in a process pair is judging (Fi Fe Ti or Te) or perceiving (Ni Ne Si or Se.)

Examples of j types, with the corresponding process pair in parentheses and the corresponding Socionics type after the colon:

  • INFP (FiNe): INFj
  • ENTJ (TeNi): ENTj
  • ISTP (TiSe): ISTj
  • ESFJ (FeSi): ESFj

Examples of p types:

  • INFJ (NiFe): INFp
  • ENFP (NeFi): ENFp
  • ISTJ (SiTe): ISTp
  • ESFP (SeFi): ESFp

Background Info

This dichotomy was made popular by Socionics, which uses it in place of the Myers-Briggs (uppercase) J vs P  dichotomy.

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