Harmonizing processes are judging processes that are concerned with assessing whether things are in alignment, and choosing to bring things into alignment or not.

Harmonizing Processes

There are two harmonizing processes, Extraverted Harmonizing (He aka Te) and Introverted Harmonizing (Hi aka Fi.)  He is objective (since extraverted processes are objective,) discrete, and rigid, while Hi is subjective, fuzzy in its assessments, and nebulous by comparison.  Hi may be very clear in its opinion, for example that it deems a movie 3.5 stars out of 5, but what constitutes a 3.5 versus a 3.0, 4.0, or 3.2 is subjective and hard to quantify precisely.  A strict, rigid and objective approach of He would be to say if critics rate the movie at an average 3/5 or greater, the movie is “certified fresh,” and if not, it is “rotten.”

Cold vs Warm Harmony

The robotic and heartless police officer who writes you a ticket no matter how much you cry.  This is a cold and strict sort of harmony.  To make an exception for you would create disorder where everyone else has to obey the law but you don’t, or some people don’t, and it is a mess to determine who has to and who doesn’t.

An understanding police officer who sees you speeding through a dangerous area may see you cry, and empathize with you, but then still give you a ticket out of tough love so that it sticks in your mind to watch the speed limit signs in the future.  Your crying is disharmonious, but if you caused an accident and hurt yourself or others, that would be even more disharmonious.

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